The Light Bringer

by White Eagle

Teaching from the Ray of John on the New Age

This teaching comes directly under the Ray of John—the spiritual teacher for the New Age. White Eagle speaks of the Light which can shine through any of us. He talks about developing the intuition and gives the reader assurance that the changes in the world can be experienced with true faith and calmness because there is absolute wisdom in the divine plan.

Updated 2015:
Deep spiritual teaching on what is to come in the New Age and how we will get there. This new edition in a paperback that can go in your pocket with revisions and an improved index.

176 pp paperback
198 x 129 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-238-1

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Review by Lesley Tarrant Belcourt

'The Light Bringer' contains a powerful message. Like light, an energy pervades its pages. The gentle voice of the spiritual teacher becomes more pressing. It is time, White Eagle insists, to thoroughly absorb our lessons and to put them into practice. This book is essentially a synopsis of all we have been taught, a manual to guide us through the new age. Yet with a difference.

'The Light Bringer's' fourteen chapters coherently interweave past, present and future, illuminating the previous messages and clarifying the apparent dichotomies always present in the ancient wisdom. 'The Light Bringer' becomes startlingly new. A revelation. It is as if we have grown from children into adults capable of understanding deeper truths hidden behind the old stories, for the Church of John, the Divine, reveals the esoteric or inner meaning of spiritual life.

While the Age of Pisces, heralded by Jesus, brought a stirring of the soul and the emotions; the Aquarian Age, heralded by John, brings the development of the higher spiritual body, the intuitional body. The Age of Aquarius is the time when "brotherhood between all things and all people" is established. This is a pivotal point, for no longer are we reading about what will happen one day in the future. Quite clearly, the Age of Aquarius is here and with it has come a speeding up of evolution.

The sense of urgency is heightened by White Eagle's caution that humanity is at "a dangerous stage today." Now, "the gate of initiation is being opened wide," and as we stand at the crossroads on the spiritual path and "bring forth the knowledge which is within," more is demanded of us. As we move further into this new age, we shall witness changes - "unexpected happenings, miracles...a revolution of thoughts.’ We must recognize our shortcomings and learn to overcome intolerance. "The essential lesson that life has to teach humanity is to face itself." We are unlikely to interpret the words of White Eagle as forebodings, but rather as encouragement from a dear friend who is anxious for us to witness the joy, harmony and beauty that awaits us.

'The Light Bringer' motivates us to action NOW. The book itself becomes an invitation to test our own intuition. Epigraphs from the Bible and other White Eagle books head each chapter, giving inspirational seeds for thought and contemplation. If I could have only one book by White Eagle, I would choose 'The Light Bringer,' a rich, exciting book to share with friends and family. The book is an example of how brotherhood works, how the individual parts when linked together become a unified, meaningful whole, as editor, author and reader fit the pieces of the spiritual puzzle together to reveal the whole picture.