The Quiet Mind

by White Eagle

Slightly larger than the original, this is a book to appeal to everyone, and one which you will want to keep beside you—wherever, whenever it is opened, White Eagle's wise and gentle words speak to the heart and answer the need.

90 + vi pp hardback
117 x 89 mm

ISBN 978-0-85487-234-3

Healing From the Sun

Basically all healing is the intake into the body of the eternal sun, the light. If you can call upon this light, breathe it in, live consciously in this light, it will actually control the cells of the physical body. The body is so heavy, material life so strong, that you forget the power of God to recreate tissue, to recreate the living cells of your body.


This special edition of White Eagle's best selling book has been especially printed in Sri Lanka and in a soft cover.

90 + vi pp softback
111 x 86 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-164-3
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Review by Frances Rose

An essential must-have book! If you buy any White Eagle book, let it be this one. ‘The Quiet Mind’ has sold over half a million copies worldwide and remains an indispensable book for those from all backgrounds, spiritual or otherwise. The timeless wisdom and help contained in this tiny book makes it like a magician’s hat – is it possible that such a small book could contain help for every situation or need? Astonishingly, it is so. Pick up ‘The Quiet Mind’ at any time and open it at random – you always find amazingly appropriate advice.

A bedside book, a pocket book, an everywhere book... this book will go anywhere, help anybody. White Eagle’s most memorable and beautiful sayings are arranged into sections according to the characteristics of the ideal ‘Master Soul’. Through following the advice the gentle sayings give, we too can work to attain this mastery. On a practical day to day level, though, this fabulous little book can make you feel better, cheer you up, calm you down...get you through a really bad day. Never leave it behind!