Treasures of the Master Within

White Eagle’s Sayings from ‘The Light Bringer

The divisions of the book correlate with the seven major psychic centres of the body. Opening this book at random creates an instant focus for meditation. At the centre of the human being and the centre of the book, is the six-pointed Star, symbol of the perfected being.

This book truly assists in developing the gifts of the spirit.

Illustrations by Liz Elmhurst

113 + xv pp hardback
145 x 105 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-142-1

Review by Frances Rose

Like the popular ‘Quiet Mind’ this is a small, pocket book of sayings – in fact it is the collection of the sayings used in the book ‘The Light Bringer’ - but here given new power in their own right. There are seven groups of sayings which follow the path of the soul from incarnation to enlightenment, and the book is described as being ‘A guide for any Aquarian Age pilgrim’ – an appealing subtitle, which makes it clear that this book is designed to be accessible, easily to hand, to provide help on ‘the way forward’.

Slightly thicker than ‘The Quiet Mind’ this book is easy to follow as the sayings are all numbered according to their chapter. In my opinion, they resonate very strongly, and the book as a whole has a sense of almost Eastern mystic purpose about it, which is very appealing. The character of the book is entirely different to the other pocket books of sayings available, being much more of a ‘guide’ and yet the sayings have equal power and impact.

Highly recommended as a ‘pocket guide’ for those further advanced on their spiritual path.