Walking with the Angels

A Path of Service

by White Eagle

with additional commentary by Anna Hayward

The White Eagle teaching gives insights into the entire angelic kingdom, from the guardian angels who trigger the miracles in our lives to the great beings who are masters of the rays of creation. He speaks of the angels of creativity with whom we may work, and the angels operating in the rhythms of nature with whom we may find harmony.

This book can enhance the life of any reader who learns through it to walk a path of co-operation and creativity with the angels.

Calligraphy by Gaynor Goffe
142 +xii pp flapped paperback
215 x 134 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-109-4

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Review by Lesley Tarrant Belcourt

'Walking With The Angels' contains the White Eagle teachings about the angels, their work and their relationship with humanity. It also includes a commentary by Anna Hayward designed to help the reader develop "those qualities to which the angels are most attuned." White Eagle teaches us that the angelic and human life-forms, although separate, cannot work without each other. "Make no mistake!" says White Eagle. "The human race, whether it knows it or not, lives through all time under the guardianship of God's angels."

Divided into two parts by White Eagle's prayer for humanity - when humans and angels work together in service - 'Walking With The Angels' in Part One explores the angelic qualities of dispassion, humility, simplicity, harmony and beauty and examines the angels' intimate connection with all creation. Part Two explores the vast structure of the angelic kingdom, the varied roles of angels—including that of our own guardian angel—the importance of ritual and ceremonial performed by angels at sacred sites, and the powerful influence of the seven great planetary angels. "The angels' very reason for being is service," writes Anna, "so our own contact with the angels can come more readily when we desire to work with them in the service of humanity."

By developing angelic qualities, it is possible for humans to become closer to angels. The angels' dispassion is not lack of concern, but a profound love that is unentangled with emotionalism. This detachment enables angels to work for the good of the world without becoming disturbed by any of its problems. Developing an inner stillness is an important angelic quality, for angels are called the "silent watchers" or "the brethren of silence," which gives an impression of patience and peace. Our hasty lives need to be balanced by this quality of quiet meditation and reflection to give us an opportunity to see with a wider perspective. In ‘Walking with the Angels’ we are helped to explore our own relationship with the angels and the varied impact angelic influences can have on our lives and the world we live in.

'Walking With The Angels' beautifully encapsulates the White Eagle teachings about angels, reassuring us that life has far greater meaning and purpose. It satisfies our mental need to "know" more about them, at the same time as it gently teaches us how we may have a satisfying relationship with these beings of compassion and wisdom. This fascinating book would appeal to anyone with an interest in angels, or to anyone who wishes to open their intuition to a greater awareness of spiritual worlds.