White Eagle on Divine Mother

The Feminine & The Mysteries

This book reminds us that spiritual and material life has always been governed not just by God the Father, but also by God the Mother. It is the blending of these two energies which produces the power of the Christ within our own being and in the world. The raising of the solar force and the return to the wisdom of the feminine is the natural counterbalance to the greater development of the mind in the Age of Aquarius.

158 pp flapped paperback
198 x 129 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-153-7

Review by Lesley Tarrant Belcourt

‘White Eagle On Divine Mother’ is a slender, compact book with enormous content. Composed of eight chapters, it brings together the teachings of White Eagle that have significant links with Divine Mother. Looking through the index, it is evident that these subjects are vast and various: Trinity; Ancient Worship; The Egyptian Mysteries, Mary; The Creation of Form; Kundalini, the womb of Life; Woman in the World ; and The Dual Soul. After reading each chapter, one is aware how fundamental the feminine is to the White Eagle teachings, how essential this mother aspect is to our understanding of God and how vital our acceptance of it is to our progress in life.

For those who have a fascination with ancient esoteric teachings, this book makes compelling reading. It comes as no surprise to learn that ancient people first worshipped the great Motherhood of all life and that representations of Divine Mother have been found through the ages in all religions--Isis, Sophia, Diana, Mary, Kwan Yin—and that original stone-worship connected Mother Earth and Divine Mother. Later, and for a long period of our history, the male aspect of God became more dominant.

White Eagle on Divine Mother clearly helps us understand at many levels how we are inter-related and what makes us whole. The Law of Equilibrium requires that before we progress spiritually, there be a balance between the male and female: "Until man and woman live in perfect partnership, each playing their part in the evolution of the race, there can be no real progress…’ Without the feminine, wisdom aspect of the Mother, we cannot be complete or healthy. We remember, too, that Mother earth is the physical symbol of the soul of humanity, and we notice that during this age of Aquarius, as the intuitive, feminine aspect is becoming more strongly felt, that our concerns for the welfare of all life on our planet is also increasing

A fascinating book, ideal for those on a spiritual path and those with an interest in feminine traditions and the ancient religions.