White Eagle on Festivals & Celebrations

Gentle words from the wise spiritual teacher White Eagle give guidance for these special times, landmarks in the calendar year: Easter, Christmas, the equinoxes, Buddhist Wesak, and many more. Attunement to the rhythms of nature can increase our ability to live in communion with the divine life behind all physical form.

128 pp flapped paperback
198 x 129 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-149-0

Review by Lesley Tarrant Belcourt

The popular book 'The Way Of The Sun, has now been expanded, divided into three parts and republished as 'White Eagle On Festivals and Celebrations’. Parts Two and Three contain White Eagle's original messages on the inner meaning of the festivals celebrated within the Christian church, their important relationship with the natural seasons and the close connection between Buddhism and Christianity. The additional Part One includes three extra chapters, entitled 'Behold The Light!,' 'Light and Life,' and 'Buddha and Jesus,' the latter a more in depth look at the relationship between these two great avatars: "Lord Buddha came to point the path, to illumine the way towards the Light; Jesus came to demonstrate the power of this Light."

White Eagle illustrates the simple truths behind the worship of the sun, the growing of crops, the equinoxes and solstices, and the coming of the avatars who were vehicles for the great Sun-Spirit. Following a natural cyclical pattern, 'Festivals and Celebrations' begins and ends with the New Year. The section on Christmas, occurring during the Winter solstice at the rebirth of the physical sun, is understandably the largest and includes a mystical interpretation of the Christ Child. Although it has long been considered a pagan festival adopted by Christians, White Eagle explains that this "festival of Christmas is as old as the world and we could tell you of ceremonies which have taken place throughout the ages... ‘This Christmas section also explains the importance of the Star, the symbolic meaning of the wise men and the shepherds and the continual presence of angels. The book goes on to discuss the inner meaning of Easter, Remembrance, and other Christian festivals as well as the Buddhist festival of Wesak.

'White Eagle On Festivals & Celebrations' is a helpful book to remind us that as we move further into the Aquarian age, we shall begin to become more sensitive to Mother Earth and better attuned to the rhythm of the seasons, patiently creating the right conditions, so that the wonder of growth within ourselves will take place. Ideal for those on a spiritual path, this book helps us to move through the year with our inner vision attuned to the rhythms of nature and spirituality.