White Eagle on Reincarnation

Nine chapters of fascinating teaching which help answer some of the most profound questions of human existance and give meaning to it all.


  1. The Wheel of Rebirth
  2. Knowing We Have Lived Before
  3. In God's Image
  4. Creating the Temple of Light
  5. The Seven Rays and Qualities of Consciousness
  6. Responsibility for Each Other
  7. Healing Guidelines
  8. Overcoming Limitations and Finding Wings
  9. The Church, the Bible, Jesus and Reincarnation

126 pp flapped paperback
198 x 131 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-172-8

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Review by Lesley Tarrant Belcourt

The collection of White Eagle’s teaching deals with the eternally fascinating subject of reincarnation; an issue that enthrals all who question the process of life after death. This book should appeal to both the casual reader and those seriously involved in spiritual studies, as it deals both with the surface issues of reincarnation, such as speed of incarnation, the experience of death and group incarnations; whilst also exploring many of the deeper questions, including discussions on the origins of reincarnation, how reincarnation relates to the Christian church, and how the law of reincarnation works.

Previously unpublished teachings give this new book a fresh interest for both long-time fans and those newly discovering White Eagle, and his reassuring, practical style is as compulsive as ever. It comes with a compelling companion volume, ‘Memories of Reincarnation’, by White Eagle’s medium, Grace Cooke.