White Eagle on the Intuition and Initiation

An in-depth account of where we derive the intuition from and how, as part of a sound spiritual practice, we can develop it and learn to trust and use our 'sixth sense'. The path of opening up the intuitive side of our being is one of progressive initiation into awareness on all levels.

128 pp flapped paperback
198 x 129 mm

ISBN 978-0-85487-154-4

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Review by Maryanne Morrice

'Intuition and Initiation,' one of the series of 'White Eagle On...' books, is divided into two sections. The first part asks "What is Intuition?" and the second part deals with "How to Develop Intuition." In the first section, White Eagle defines intuition as, "The wisdom of the stillness within." He reminds us that we are soul and spirit first, then physical beings; that we are more than mere physical entities. Intuition is the link with our higher selves. It is accessible by everyone. We use our intuition to recognize spiritual truths, as real truth can only be recognized by the innermost spirit, not by the earthly reasoning mind. It is intuition that allows this truth to come through from the higher mind, not the lower or thinking mind.

The second section of the book leads us to develop our intuition and work towards initiation. White Eagle defines Initiation as the "Unfoldment or development of the Christ within." This is a process that begins when we desire to seek God. Meditation is a great boon to us in our search for God (the purpose of this life). White Eagle likens it to planning a trip; we can read all the guidebooks and the maps, but we learn far more from the actual journey than we could through any amount of reading. So it is with meditation. Daily meditation and the practice of love in our everyday lives prepare us to develop this sixth sense and allow us to be intuitive or use the higher mind.

In conclusion, I must confess both that I enjoyed reading this book very much. It provides guidance to the spiritual seeker on how to recognise the truth within and is therefore an ideal book for those on a spiritual path, especially in conjunction with its companion volume, 'White Eagle on Divine Mother, the Feminine and the Mysteries.'