Wisdom in the Stars

by Joan Hodgson

The astrology of this book is esoteric—that is, astrology at the deeper level of soul and spirit. Read this book and rediscover aspects of your life which enable you to change and grow with confidence in inner powers which are specific to your sign.

117 + xi pp paperback
176 x 109 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-159-9

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Review by Frances Rose

This was the first book on Astrology I ever read and I was immediately gripped by it and went on to read more about this fascinating subject! One of the most readable and approachable astrology books, ‘Wisdom in the Stars’ is ideal for a complete beginner or novice astrologer, or even a non-astrologer, as it enables anyone to understand and appreciate the influences of the twelve astrological signs.

Joan Hodgson’s lyrical yet friendly style makes this book entertaining, and also fascinating, as she explores and analyses the spiritual significance of the signs of the zodiac in a way that combines factual information about each sign with discussion of details such as the mythological significance it holds, the elements, soul lessons and the symbolism associated with each sign.

A compact book, it is clearly organised, with a chapter on each of the twelve signs, making it easy to return to or dip into for reference. A must for anyone with an interest in spirituality and their star sign!