Comfort for the Bereaved

A CD of extracts from the White Eagle book
'White Eagle's Little Book of Comfort for the Bereaved'.

Wisdom and inspiration which offer the listener comfort and personal support,  here read by two different speakers, each adding a particular sense of empathy and understanding.

Bereavement is often an incredibly lonely time, in which you long to talk to others who share your feelings. The White Eagle teaching applies to everyone, yet speaks directly to the sufferer and brings a feeling of peace and healing.

White Eagle discusses the process of death, near-death experiences and the role of the angel of death. You will hear inspirational insights into the soul’s experience of life after death and heaven. You will be guided on the path from grief to peace and healing and taken gently through the process of making a beautiful spiritual contact with loved ones after death. The teachings on this CD help you to realise that you are never alone.

60:32 mins
125 x 143 mm
ISBN 978-0-85487-180-3