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The White Eagle School of Astrology, founded under White Eagle’s guidance by Joan Hodgson, offers a unique opportunity worldwide for students to study esoteric astrology in the light of White Eagle’s teaching and the Ancient Wisdom.

In the White Eagle courses, the concentration is on helping the student to unfold his/her inner spiritual gifts, whilst studying this profound ancient science, which has been taught in astrology schools down the ages. Therefore the White Eagle courses do not just offer a psychological approach—the student also learns much of spiritual truth, and this study can form part of a path of inner unfoldment.

The following postal courses are offered:

Understanding the Stars

If you are one of the many people who would like to know something about astrology without having to study an academic course, you will be pleased to know that we have developed a special course just for you; it is called Understanding the Stars.

Unlike our standard training courses, it requires no work to be sent in, no tutor apart from yourself and no mathematical or technical knowledge. Instead, it introduces the esoteric principles and philosophy behind the subject, its history and its function.

There are suggestions for exercises, most of which involve contemplative and meditative approaches rather than ‘brain strain’, which will help you to understand what lies behind a very ancient and noble occult science, rather than what the media and orthodox science would have you believe!

This course is accessible and life-affirming, to be enjoyed and taken at your own pace, picked up and put down at will.

The cost of the Understanding the Stars course is £30 (inc. p&p)
(in other countries, the local equivalent)

1. Beginners

Designed to lead the absolute beginner through all the initial steps, to a real understanding of astrology and how to delineate a natal chart. (For those who may find the simple mathematics involved difficult, computer methods run side by side with hand calculation in this course.)

Cost including tuition: UK: £250 ~ EU: £270 ~ Other Countries: £290

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2. Preparatory

For students who already have a working knowledge of astrology, but wish to learn the White Eagle esoteric approach, and proceed to the Advanced course.

Cost including tuition: UK: £175 ~ EU: £190 ~ Other Countries: £205

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3. Advanced

This course leads successful pupils to a full, professional diploma. There are three separate modules. For a fuller prospectus please enquire direct to the school’s Principal, Simon Bentley.

NB: The Advanced course has been newly updated and revised, and costs for the course had not been finalised on going to press.

Please contact the school's Principal, Simon Bentley, for costs

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