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23 June 2019 11:15
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Sunday June 21st, falling just after the exact time of the summer solstice the evening before, is White Eagle’s Earth Healing day, which usually we celebrate with a special service and an outdoor ceremony at New Lands, when we perambulate the cross-within-the-circle meditation path in the field, calling down the light of the spiritual sun to bless the physical earth. This year we cannot hold the outward activities, but what we can do is to hold a spiritual ceremony where we come together on the inner planes to do the same work.

We invite you to join us in spirit at 12 noon or 3.00pm (local time), as you prefer. Visualize yourself perambulating and chanting an ancient Native American chant to the sun (or if you prefer AUM). Then coming together in a great circle at the centre around the fire of life. Above the fire shines the blazing six-pointed Star. Together in the shared silence we call down the light of the Star to bless the physical earth, its waters and its atmosphere.

And then we feel our brotherhood with all humankind and call on the light of the Star to illumine the hearts and minds of all people as they walk on Mother Earth and with her creatures.
You may like to use these words adapted from our ‘Star Healing for Planet Earth’ card:
‘We seek to work in harmony with the angels of the Star to bring healing to our planet.
We see the whole Earth enfolded in the magical healing light of the shining six-pointed Star at the heart of the spiritual Sun.
We see the light of the Star shining into
the Earth’s soil, her plants and trees and the life they support
her streams, rivers and oceans
her atmosphere and her climate
And we hold especially in the light of the Star
the hearts and minds of humankind as they walk on Mother Earth and with her creatures. We see a growing awareness of the brotherhood of all life.’

We thank you and all groups who are working to heal the Earth and her people.

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