Reading, Discussion and Themed afternoon

Avon Region
09 June 2019 10:30
The Theosophical Rooms, 14 Tyndall’s Park Road, Clifton - Tyndalls Park Rd, Bristol, City of Bristol BS8 1PY
01179 049705
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A reading and discussion group, followed by meditation and a themed afternoon.
For each month we read a chapter of White Eagle’s book The Light Bringer and talk about the teachings in that chapter and how they relate to our everyday lives. This is followed by a meditation.

This month our meditation group is followed at 2.00pm a themed afternoon open to all, ending at 3.30pm
'And what does White Eagle say on . . ' We discuss various themes from a White Eagle perspective, as well as drawing in other spiritual traditions.


March 10:     'Psychic abilities and communication between the two worlds'
April 14:       'Our auras and subtle bodies'
June 9:         'White Eagle healing' – different kinds of White Eagle healing and healing colours
August 11:    'Finding love and peace in our everyday challenges'
October 13:  'Fairyland and the kingdom of angels'

Contact healing is at 3.45pm.


All Dates

  • 13 October 2019 10:30
  • 11 August 2019 10:30
  • 09 June 2019 10:30
  • 14 April 2019 10:30
  • 11 March 2018 10:30

What's on at White Eagle Lodge

What's on at White Eagle Lodge

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