White Eagle - Intuition and Inititation book coverWhite Eagle refers not only to the benefits and joy of creativity in all its forms, but to the spiritual aspects of attuning to the divine rays: ‘The heart or the hub at the centre of the universe is that continual beat of love, love, love—a giving out, an outpouring of healing, an ever creative power. These are the rays which cause the musician to create, to hear his music and to record it; a creative power which inspires the mind of the writer or stimulates the vision of the artist.’


In the White Eagle Lodge we have a long tradition of singing, writing, art, dance and drama. More recently we have developed the Creative Arts as a specific area of the Wisdom School. In many of our Regional Centres and around the world, the arts are developed and enjoyed. This happens in regular services of worship, including activities for Families and Young People, and on retreats and day workshops which are open to all.

Walking with White Eagle in Sacred Places book coverYou will find creative work: articles, poetry and images, from a number of people in our members’ magazine: Stella Polaris.

Creativity as a Spiritual Path

As White Eagle demonstrates, creativity is not about producing something to compare with others, but about an inner development of the senses, of the awareness of beauty, of the angels and ultimately of our ability to be aware of the inner worlds. If you are interested in this aspect of the Wisdom School please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Walking with the Angels book coverEveryone, all creative artists, use the gift of ideation or imagination. These people are each in their particular way, developing, unfolding their degree of clairvoyance, of clairaudience.’

‘ … as you begin to see with the eyes of your spirit the beauty in nature and within all the elements, you become attuned to the creative spheres. And as you perhaps start to follow your soul’s urge towards some creative art, angels from those creative spheres are drawn to you; they watch your work and inspire and guide you.’

Also for members are three Wisdom School study and experiential courses which can aid in the development of creativity: ‘Recognising and Working with the Intuition’, 'The Six Principles of the White Eagle Lodge' and ‘In Harmony with the Angelic Life’.