These are open to everyone. We offer opportunities for children, young people, parents and the young at heart to meet together and to enjoy times of refreshment and spiritual nourishment through a variety of activities.

Our purpose is to nurture the light in our own hearts and also in the hearts of all people, and to promote a loving service to all life.

The six pointed Star and the White Eagle teachings form the basis for all our work.

Family helpersMeet some of the Families Team 2017

Listen to Some Songs

        Fire Fairies.

       Thank you God


'Starlight' Camp Delights!

Games in the woodAlthough the 'Starlight' camp at Stedham, which ended on 29th July, was not actually run by the Lodge, there was no mistaking the special loving, Star-filled atmosphere. Several of us from New Lands had the joy of visiting during the week.

We want to pay tribute to the Family Helpers who have organised and supported this camp down the years and kept it going even when it could not be held on the New Lands Temple site. Thank you so much!

Contact Jeremy Hayward if you are interested in attending the camp at Stedham next year.

Keep in touch with this month's
family service

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Family services are held in the temple from 11.30am - 12.30pm
on every family day.
All are welcome from 10.45am.

Family Days

Family days are held on the first Sunday of most months, from 10.45am - 2.30pm.

The day begins with a Family Service and include activities for younger and older children. All are welcome, and for the 'bring and share' vegetarian lunch.

The Family Day on November 5th has the best theme for bonfire day:
'Bring out your Sparkles!'

Please note, there will be no Family Service in December, but instead we will be holding the magical Advent Spiral in the Temple on Saturday December 2nd at 4.15pm. Everyone who wants to lights a candle and places it on the floor of the Temple to create a spiral. Whilst this happens the choir sings a continuous programme of Advent and Christmas songs.The atmosphere created is magical! All are welcome, whether you are part of a family with children or not.

You can enjoy mince pies and non-alcoholic mulled wine afterwards in the Meeting Room.


Family Activities to come

The next Family Day is on November 5th and the theme is: 'Bring out your Sparkles!'.

You are welcome from 10.45am and the service will be at 11.30am.

Please note that there will be no Family Service in December, but there will be an Advent Spiral (see below) on December 2nd.

Family Activities for 2017

Healing Attunements for Children

The Healing Sunlight

The sun is a beautiful symbol of the spirit which can take us right into our hearts. Here is a way for you to experience that:

Lie flat on the floor relaxing or sit in a comfortable chair. Every time you breathe out relax and let go a little more.Sun and person yellow

Imagine that you are walking out of the room into a quiet, sunlit garden...the flowers, the plants, the trees are all absorbing the golden sunlight. They seem fresh and full of light. As you explore deeper into the garden the sunlight becomes brighter, warmer and a soft breeze rustles the leaves, so that they catch the sunlight. The stillness grows.

The sunlight pours down upon you too in the garden and brings a feeling of warmth and light in your heart. You feel almost lifted up by the sun.


Safeguarding Children and Young People

The White Eagle Lodge reviews and updates its safeguarding policy annually. Key helpers have all received training in the implementation of the safeguarding policy, and have annual refresher days. All key helpers undergo DBS checks.

Parents and carers please note that the safety of your children and young people remains your responsibility. This site has easy access to the road, ponds and is open to the public. Thank you for your care and awareness at all times.

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