The Healing Sunlight

The sun is a beautiful symbol of the spirit which can take us right into our hearts. Here is a way for you to experience that:

Lie flat on the floor relaxing or sit in a comfortable chair. Every time you breathe out relax and let go a little more.Sun and person yellow

Imagine that you are walking out of the room into a quiet, sunlit garden...the flowers, the plants, the trees are all absorbing the golden sunlight. They seem fresh and full of light. As you explore deeper into the garden the sunlight becomes brighter, warmer and a soft breeze rustles the leaves, so that they catch the sunlight. The stillness grows.

The sunlight pours down upon you too in the garden and brings a feeling of warmth and light in your heart. You feel almost lifted up by the sun.

Look right into the heart of the sun with your inside eyes. You have a feeling of standing at a golden gateway looking through into the world of are looking through into the heaven world.

You find you can move through the gateway and feel enfolded in the canopy of great white wings, living are in the presence of God’s angels. Rest here in silence for a few moments. In this golden world you are completely safe...the light of the Sun and the angels can heal your body. Also you can bring in thought into this place of light, anyone you know who is unhappy or unwell – see them perfect in this light too.

After a few moments of healing you find you are back outside the golden arch. You are back in the sunlit garden. Your body feels healthy and strong.

Open your eyes and come up to sitting, knowing that you have felt God’s healing sunlight.

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