White Eagle Healing the World bookSpiritual healing is a completely non-intrusive way of giving gentle support by thought projection and/or by therapeutic touch. It is natural, has no recorded side-effects and aims to strengthen the recipient’s own capacity for self-healing.

We work with the power of the spiritual light through a process of colour healing.

We do this in conjunction with the angels of healing.

White Eagle Lodge - Heal Thyself bookThis work was started in 1934 and was given according to White Eagle’s instruction. 

We offer healing through therapeutic touch know as Contact Healing and by group prayer and thought projection, known as Distant Healing, not only for people but for animals, and the Earth itself.

Through our on-line facility you can both receive distant healing for yourself, someone you know, or an animal friend and find out how to become a distant healer.

We also offer the opportunity for young people to be involved in giving lone healing to animals, and receiving contact healing.