What is Contact Healing?

Spiritual healing is a natural and heart-centred way of offering therapeutic support. It makes use of a gentle non-physical energy, which the healer has learnt to access through quiet personal development and extensive training.

As practised in The White Eagle Lodge, healing is compatible with other recognised therapies and does not, in any way, set out to replace medical treatment.

RainbowflowersWhat does a contact healing treatment involve?

Contact healing is a completely non-intrusive form of treatment. Light physical touch is normally involved, not necessarily to the location of pain or disease, but at specific points, mainly at the back of the body. 

The most frequent reaction to receiving healing is a sense of deep peace, comfort and well-being.

Where can I receive this healing?

In some areas of the UK, a healing treatment can be given during a simple and meditative Healing Service. However, it is equally possible to receive the same treatment on a one-to-one basis in other situations, for instance in a healer’s own practice room, at your home or in a hospital, care home or hospice. It is always preceded by a confidential discussion about the conditions which are concerning you.

What does contact healing help with?

For nearly eighty years the White Eagle Lodge has given healing and to thousands of people. During that time we have received many positive comments from patients. 

Do I have to have a belief or faith in order to receive contact healing?

No, you just need a real wish to be helped.

What is my commitment?

At all times you have freedom of choice. If you are coming to a healing service you are free to choose whether to have healing or to observe. Whether you are receiving healing at a service or one-to-one, you decide if you wish to return for further treatments.

Coming for healing does not mean involvement in the organisation.

Is there a charge for contact healing? 

There is no fee for a White Eagle healing treatment, but donations are always welcome.

How are White Eagle healers trained and qualified?

The practice of healing arises from a spiritual philosophy which sees the physical body not in isolation, but as one aspect of a person’s greater spiritual identity.

Training involves commitment over a considerable period of time. Both training and assessment for registration conform to national standards set by the verifying body of UK Healers. Our training is accredited by this organisation. 

All White Eagle Lodge Contact Healers observe the UK Healers Code of Conduct, and are insured to practice on the basis of this code.

Finding a White Eagle healer in your area 

Each region in the UK has a Contact Healing Supervisor who will be able to put you in touch, where possible, with a healer in your area. Click here for the list.

How would I go about becoming a White Eagle contact healer?

White Eagle says that all people can be healers. All it takes is love in the heart and a wish to help others.

The foundation of our Contact Healing work is first to take part in the Absent (Distant) Healing work for people. This preparation time is for a minimum of a year.

After which, application to train to become a Contact Healer involves a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and then commitment to a two year training course programme.