These retreats are open to members of the White Eagle Lodge.

Anyone is welcome to become a member, which simply means you feel in harmony with the White Eagle teachings and would like to support the work of the Lodge through your membership.

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'At Home in Both Worlds' Remembrance 5-Day Retreat

Saturday November 10 (arrive pm) to Thursday 15 including the Remembrance Service. Retreat led by Anna Hayward.

We focus on realising the reality of spirit interpenetrating matter and that we live and exist in a dimension which is only part of a greater universe which we mostly cannot see, or experience with the physical senses. We will explore how to live our lives in awareness of this greater reality. This will include how to be aware of and strengthen the etheric bridge which is the pathway.

Cost: £425 full board. (concessions available)


Advent Retreat

Saturday December 1 (arrive pm) to Wednesday 5 (after breakfast) led by Jenny Dent.

During these magical days of Advent, Jenny will offer a time of baublespeaceful communion with our angelic brethren, exploring some of the White Eagle teaching on the Christ-mass pilgrimage to Bethlehem, and how it symbolises our own journey towards the Light. During this retreat there will be the opportunity to join us in the Temple for our special Advent Spiral.

Cost: £340 full board. (concessions available)

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