Bringing heaven to earth—help and support from White Eagle’s teaching.

White Eagle, as with many teachers, presents us with the spiritual principles which govern and underpin life. When we are drawn to a teaching it speaks to our inner being; it resonates with a truth which we feel and know within, beyond words.

To then be able to put that truth into practice in physical life is a constant challenge.

These pages are designed to support the reader in putting spiritual principles into practise in daily life. The pages contain teaching from White Eagle, supportive exercises and ways to understand and deal with the challenges earthly life presents us with.

The text is by no means comprehensive; at one level it can be read to gain help from the content, but at another level the text can provide the basis for a period of contemplation.

The pages are readable independent of each other, but they also form part of a coherent philosophical and spiritual approach to human understanding, which is found within the White Eagle teachings. This way of understanding and being is also developed and supported within the White Eagle Lodge on retreats and courses in all aspects of Spiritual Unfoldment.

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Further support can be found through our Quiet Mind phone line service which offers words of comfort and upliftment. Calls on the 0844 209 8319 line are charged at 5p per minute (UK) and the recorded sayings last from 2-3 minutes. Please note there is no answerphone facility on this line. The New Lands answerphone remains 01730 893300.