Initiations on the Path of the Soul book coverThe White Eagle teachings offer a path of spiritual unfoldment. This path helps us gradually become more and more aware of our true spiritual nature. As this awareness grows it transforms how we feel about life, our relationships with others and with our planet.

There are a variety of ways in which we can do this. We offer a variety of books, CDs and leaflets, courses, retreats and workshops in meditation, soul healing, personal growth, astrology, creativity and spiritual science.

Through these means we can: 

  • develop our intuition
  • develop our understanding of being more than just a physical body and mind
  • learn to become aware of the subtle realms beyond the physical life
  • White Eagle Chakras, Auras, Subtle Bodies book coverlearn to realise and work with subtle energies
  • develop our creativity
  • learn how to work with the angels and the natural world
  • develop a deeper understanding of the nature of Love and how to live lovingly and wisely
  • develop our compassion
  • learn how to transform, or to let go of those aspects of the earthly self which inhibit the spiritual self from shining through
  • gain more trust in our eternal soul and spirit
  • and to let go of fear.

This enables us to live our lives more fully, wisely and creatively.

You can develop your spiritual being surely, strongly and purposefully, every day of your life: first by the practice of meditation, and secondly through the continual practice of love in your daily life.

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