Radiant Star with blur Blue 204 global pageThe Lodge is taking part in an initiative which originated with the One Spirit Alliance. Organisations and communities who work with the light are all invited to participate in a new attunement at 9 pm every night. For White Eagle people, this simply means giving a new priority to this one of the ‘magical’ hours and just being really careful to ensure that at this time a steady ray of light goes forth from each heart.

The idea of what is called the Heart of Light attunement originates in the battering the world has faced this year: the turmoil and the division, the increase of emotion. A steady, fixed purpose is called for....

Andrews bowls

Earth Hour is an annual global celebration of the beauty of the planet and a symbolic action – turning of all electric lights for an hour - to show the care it urgently needs in the light of climate change.

Tens of millions of people are involved worldwide in this WWF inspired event. We like to think that our contribution, a Tibetan Bowl concert, is a unique event.

In the Temple thirty-five people gathered on March 25th and were bathed in the beautiful sounds of Andrew Lyddon’s Tibetan Bowls, by candlelight. A wonderful atmosphere was created and no one wanted to leave afterwards. Andrew’s oldest bowl is over 600 years old and this was featured in his concert. The bowls weave a spell of magical sound that is always leading the listener towards silence.

Thank you Andrew and everyone for an unforgettable evening.

New Lands house, looking bright and welcoming, is opening again from Easter for five-day retreats and courses.
primrosesWe have a wonderful selection of retreats open to all with themes which will enhance spiritual awareness, bring comfort, and increase understanding:

St John
Be the Light you were born to be
A Spiritual Perspective on a Challenging World
The Creative Self as a Spiritual Path
The Messianic Mission of Jesus and its Impact on our Lives Today
Christmas Retreat and House Party

And three retreats for members:

Meditation Really is for You!
St John
The Mystical Path, the Dance of the Divine Spirit Within us all

Why not nurture yourself physically and spiritually this year, in beautiful surroundings.

Visit our Retreats page and the calendar for more information.

View our Brochure for other events and activities.


Group Consciousness cover

Group Consciousness

Realizing Brotherhood on Earth

‘Group work is all-important: through group work so much more is accomplished than in isolation.’ In this sentence White Eagle himself sets the theme of this new book from the White Eagle teachings.

Feedback: 'I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I find the new book on Brotherhood. Truly a ' landmark book', comparable with The Living Word and The Light Bringer….a triangle of light, so to speak. Its timing is perfect for our time.'

White Eagle Thought for April

'As each individual expands in spiritual consciousness, so the community will harmonise. Fears will depart.'

White Eagle

Spring into Summer with Stories and in Song!

Spring into Summer CD1

All the 14 songs and 6 five-minute stories on this CD have arisen from our monthly Family Celebrations and our wish is to share something of the magic, fun and inspiration of these times of coming together to celebrate our spiritual connection. This is community singing—we are not a choir but the voices of the children, parents and the young at heart bring a special upbeat atmosphere and an inner joy which is delightful.

The stories were all written specially for the Family Days and each carries a spiritual message with a light touch. We have a suspicion adults will enjoy them too!

Visit our Family page to hear some of the songs.

Use the CD as part of a family spiritual time, listen to it in the car, or at any time when your spirits need lifting. A booklet of words accompanies the CD. The sheet music for each song is also available separately. Available on www.whiteaglepublishing.org

Our Family on Facebook is Growing!

You can keep a link with White Eagle's teaching through on-line social media as well as through the printed word.


Our White Eagle Lodge UK Facebook family now numbers over 3100, and a very worldwide family it is!

Over half the Friends of the page are from outside the UK and countries as diverse as Egypt and Japan are well-represented.

We post a thoughtful White Eagle quotation approximately weekly and many Friends like to share this on their own Facebook page, so it is a lovely way to help spread White Eagle's message and wisdom.

Each quotation is accompanied by an evocative New Lands photograph so we balance the homely with the global!

To join in click on the image.


Jenny's Vision

Jenny Dent described her unique childhood experiences with Grace Cooke (Minesta) and the latest book of White Eagle teachings 'Group Consciousness', in an inspiring article printed in the August edition of 'Two Worlds' magazine.Two Worlds coverJenny explained how she and Minesta knew each other in a previous life in which White Eagle also figured.

Jenny describes in the article her vision in this day of life in the Egyptian temple at Edfu: ‘As I walked around the outer courtyard, I clairvoyantly both felt and saw that I was part of a large group of white-clad women all with gold embroidered girdles and elaborately decorated headdresses. As we processed around the temple, we were chanting, repeating again and again, “There is no death, there is no death,” not in English, of course, but I knew intuitively that was the meaning of the chanting’...

April-May 17 Stella Polaris

SP cover ApMay17 Articles on 'The Heart of Light', 'Life is a Stage', and 'Resurrection'. White Eagle's teaching on Easter, Prayer and Mastery. Plus further articles, poems, meditations and Readers Letters.

If you do not already receive Stella Polaris, order your copy in good time. It contains a wealth of warm-hearted and inspirational features, which make the whole magazine feel as if White Eagle is speaking directly to you! It costs £3.00 per issue by post, or you can take out an annual subscription for £15. As a member you receive Stella Polaris free.

For further details and to order, please contact us at New Lands , Brewells Lane , Liss, Hants. GU33 7HY: enquiries@whiteagle.org
or order through our website.


Linking more closely as a member

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