We invite you to join with us at the magical hours of 12 noon (and/or) 9pm to send out the light of the Star to all those affected by Covid19. Let us feel that we are holding hands on the inner planes and see the light of the Star as one of beautiful silver light, the light that cuts through and disperses all shadow. Let us feel as we do this that we are working together as a great company, as indeed we will be. The light of the Star we can generate together is radiant and powerful in its love and triumphant. At 12 noon or 9pm you may like to use the words of our special prayer:

A White Eagle Healing Prayer for this Time

In the great light and love of the Christ Star we hold all those who are suffering, those who are isolated or lonely, those who are bereaved and those who are afraid.

We hold the thought atmosphere worldwide in the uplifting silver light of the star.

We see the powerful light of the Christ Star working in the hearts of all people.

Radiant Star with blur Blue 204 global page

Hold this thought for some minutes, seeing this happening. Then if there is anyone known to you personally who has the virus, see them perfect, perfect in the light of the Star.

Repeat this on any day, and whenever we do we can feel that we are linking hand in hand with a great company of others with whom we are one in the Star. We see the growth of brotherhood between all people who more than ever now realise how we are all interlinked. Even if we are self-isolating there is something powerful we can do now.

With love and warm greeting from us all at New Lands.

Radiant Star with blur Blue 204 global pageWhite Eagle says:
Go about your daily life full of compassion and sympathy and never turn away from suffering, but from the depths within give forth light. Endeavour to alleviate local suffering but remember that all the time, deeper than you can see, God is applying His own healing balm. This is particularly applicable in the world today. You see only one side of the picture. This is all you can understand at present, but we from the spirit world come to bring light to your understanding. We come to reveal the other side of the picture, to help strengthen your faith and confidence in this infinite power, this infinite and divine love which is working through human suffering.

At the moment the offices at New Lands are closed. If you are on our healing lists please know that all our healers will be still working in their own homes to hold you in the light, especially at the magical hours, and at noon. Tune in then, and feel the rays of light coming to you. Know that, as White Eagle says, there is a power beyond that of earthly things and conditions which is supporting you. That same power is within yourself and can be harnessed:
The power which comes when the heart is set upon God is the power which can reverse negative to positive, darkness to light.

If you wish to receive spiritual healing, please use one of the forms on the distant healing page, and we will action this as soon as we can. But we urge you to trust that from the moment you ask, that divine light is flowing to you.

We also ask all light workers and those who are feeling their hearts touched by the suffering of others, to hold all in the light of the Christ star. You can use the prayer ‘There is Something You Can Do Now’ on the ‘joining in’ page. Click on the image of the star, or here for the audio version.



Dear friends and members

Due to the widespread escalation of the coronavirus outbreak, we at New Lands have taken the sad but necessary decision to suspend all public services normally taking place now in New Lands chapel as a sensible protection for all. This will also apply to retreats scheduled for the next few months, and those who were to be attending will be contacted shortly.

Most importantly though, the spiritual work of the Lodge continues at the inner level. The 12noon Healing Service will continue to take place every day, and our spiritual groups will continue their work with the light at the inner level throughout this time.

The website will contain regular updates and support. If you are a Facebook user, you will find inspiring messages posted twice a week, and there is the Monday Thought if you subscribe to this, as well as our Quiet Mind phone line which is always open (0844 209 8319 Calls are charged at 5p per minute (UK) and the recorded sayings last from 2-3 minutes.).

Please know that you, along with all those affected around the world, are held in the light by us, and we will do all we can to support you.

We are sure that you, like us, wish to help those who are fearful and suffering. White Eagle says this: ‘…the thought of good, of God, enveloping an individual, enfolds him in the light of Christ.’ Knowing the power of positive thought, we can use this for healing and radiating comfort.

With love and healing light from us all at New Lands.

Colum writes: 'The London Lodge has taken an early Spring recess while the whole country deals with the virus outbreak. We shall announce our reopening as soon as we can, but in the mean time have various plans in the process of activation for the community in and around London to stay linked. If you would like to be part of this virtual community, or if you wish to go on our lists for emailed news to be sent to you about events, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We regret that in the mean time there will be no one at the Hop Gardens address to receive mail or enquiries in person. You can continue to use our phone number, which is 07426 961393.'

skydive 10 0220 cropped BRIGHT2Temple axis view cropped

Due to the coronavirus, Jeremy’s (tandem) jump which was scheduled for 9th May 2020 above Old Sarum near Salisbury has had to be postponed. When it happens he will be jumping to raise money for a Ground Source Heat Pump, for our new temple. The heat pump extracts heat from the ground, which is then passed through a heat exchanger into the heat pump. The heat is then used to heat radiators, underfloor or warm air heating systems. A well installed GSHP can be 300 – 400% efficient in terms of its use of electricity. At this efficiency level there will be 70% lower CO2 emissions than for a gas boiler system. Ground Source Heat Pumps are expensive to install initially – hence this sponsored event! – but very low on running costs.

We are very grateful to everyone who has sponsored Jeremy so far. Because the staff at New Lands have been self-isolating, he may not have been able to acknowlege each one. Never fear, this is just a postponement; Jeremy will be flying high at some point when the skydiving facility is open again.

A White Eagle thought for March

'The power of love is dynamic. It arises from the gentle, the humble and the pure in spirit. This is the power which heals and guides and comforts and brings light and peace on earth.'

White Eagle

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