Evans Concrete are in the process of casting the pieces of the arched structure for the new temple. (A segment of one of the specially constructed moulds was shown previously on the website as a “teaser”). Our architect, structural engineer and representatives of Beard Construction visited Evans’ factory near Derby, together with working group member Jill Wilday. She came away very impressed with their work including the very fine finish on items for other customers. The segments of the arches for the temple will have their surfaces etched to produce the final finish once all are complete.

              Picture2The hopper being filled with concrete mix before pouring the final wing piece.           Picture3Pouring into the mould to cast the final wing piece.         wing pieceOne of the “wings” that will form the top of the arches. Cast panels for other customers are in the background


                                                   Picture1The four bases that will be buried below floor level to support the arches. The feet of the arches will be the size of, and fit on top of, the triangles.               Picture4Other wing castings. The poster includes a drawing showing how the pieces will fit together – the blue pieces are the ones that have been cast already. One of the larger support pieces has also been cast but was still in its mould at the time of the visit.         

On Saturday 17 July an astrology zoom meeting was held, entitled ‘Everything you always wanted to know about astrology but were afraid to ask’ – a question-and-answer session. About fifty people attended, from the over seventy who originally applied, and enjoyed questions and answers ranging from the effects of supermoons to the technicalities of house systems to the use of the fixed stars. Feedback was very positive and this type of get-together will undoubtedly be repeated in the future.


lotus pool
A huge thank you to everyone who has volunteered in any way to help others during the pandemic.

We also take this opportunity to remember with gratitude all our White Eagle volunteers: healers, group coordinators, trustees and helpers in all areas of our work, especially those who regularly, day by day, send out the light of the Star.

Without you we couldn't offer the support and inspiration of the teaching.

We are continuing to offer online events, including full moon services, peace services and retreat days, and our weekly letters to members.
Our healers, from their own homes, continue to send healing to those who have asked, (see our healing pages if you would like this free service for yourself or a loved one), and we meet together inwardly at 3,6,9 and 12 to radiate the light of the Star to all those in need and our world.
Our offices at New Lands are open but nearly all staff are still working from home. We cannot answer the phone, but you can leave a message for us.
You can order books online from our shop.

Leeds garden

While the Leeds Lodge has been physically closed because of the Covid lockdown, exciting creativity has been bubbling up from beneath the surface! A professionally designed forest garden has been created in the area close to the Lodge building that was formerly just scrub laurel. The centre piece of the garden is a wonderful star mosaic that seems so natural it is almost as if it has always been there and was just waiting to be revealed. Jeremy hayward travelled up to Leeds over the weekend 17th – 18th July to lead a meditation – all socially distanced – and then at 12 noon precisely an outdoor blessing and dedication of the new forest garden, together with Alison Becket our North of England coordinator and Leeds lodge mother. Jeremy says: ’ In the dedication I invoked the blessing of the angels of peace and healing, and the angels of nature and the presence that gathered as we stood in the sunshine in silence was really tangible. I think everyone was moved. Our warmest thanks go to Tanya Cusan, Alan Pergusey and Jo, designers and creators of the garden with its star mosaic centre. It’s light and shade will be a place for meditation, closeness to nature, and social contact for years to come.’

A White Eagle thought for July

'You are here on Earth to learn wisdom. Your heart is full, it is loving, but that is not enough by itself. A soul must strive for poise, inner strength and wisdom…Wisdom is the counterpart of love. Wisdom is love; love is wisdom.'

White Eagle

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White Eagle Temple Project

Temple from east

'Bricks of Light'
fundraising appeal

We are very excited to share the current design ideas for our new temple and to introduce the 'Bricks of Light' fundraising appeal which we trust will help bring this vision into being.

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New temple model

from above


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