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White Eagle says in JESUS, TEACHER AND HEALER: ‘The first necessity is that of becoming still within, tranquil in heart.’

These two states encapsulate the state of meditation, the difficulties of meditating, and ultimately the aim of one’s meditation. If you can find a still place in the mind, and a state of openness in your heart or feelings, then you are in a good place to meditate. But the very finding of both these states causes many to give up, and to think that they can’t do it.

When you do touch the stillness of the mind and the openness of the heart, you realise that it is not only a means but an end in itself. It is as if the very stillness has a depth to it which transcends thought and even transcends mortality. The still mind is also like a lens to focus God’s light on the bud of the heart to allow it to flower.

When you reach the state of openness of heart you find that God’s love was always there for you within, and it is so profound and beyond Earthly love that it conquers all that is not of itself. The comfort and transcending beauty of such a state is beyond description. The open heart is receptive, without guilt, innocent, accepting, connected and joyous.


Radiant Star with blur Blue 204 global pageWe know that many, many Members and friends joined with us in a special global attunement on Sunday April 26th when we held the whole worldwide situation in the radiant light of the Christ Star. Your support of this work is so much valued by those of us here at New Lands, and we know by those in the world of light. We used this special prayer:

'We let ourselves feel that every outbreath is a quiet letting go, a surrender of all anxiety and concern into the loving presence of the Great White Spirit. We become still and feel the Star in our heart and the Light of the great silver Star shining down upon us.
In the great light and love of the Christ Star we hold all those who are suffering, those who are isolated or lonely, those who are bereaved and those who are afraid.
We hold all those who are in the front line of the caring professions in the support of the Star, giving thanks for their tenderness and courage.
We hold all those who are especially vulnerable, particularly those in refugee camps throughout the world in the protective light of the Star.
We hold the thought atmosphere worldwide in the uplifting silver light of the Star.
We see the powerful light of the Christ Star working in the hearts of all people bringing a recognition of brotherhood worldwide.'

Having made this attunement feel that you can repeat it on any day, and whenever you do remember to feel that you are working hand in hand with a great company of others with whom you are one in the Star. See the growth of brotherhood between all people who now more than ever realise how we are all interlinked.

Even if, perhaps especially if, we are physically isolated there is something powerful we can do now. With loving thanks for your participation and all your support of White Eagle’s work.

Home page banner4Colum writes:

While we are unable to meet physically, meditation comes into its own. It is also a healing balm when we are surrounded by anxieties, both those which belong to others and those which arise in ourselves. Meditation is the tool human beings have always had to go beyond such things. Beyond those lies a very different world.

Fortunately, the work of the School of Meditation can go on without involving travel to White Eagle centres to do it. We can even teach meditation online, and are working to devise a course at the present moment. On the Lodge website you will find a number of meditations that you can follow, which include the meditations on the home page, with a link to Facebook and a first YouTube meditation by Jenny, and in the ‘Meditation’ section of the Wisdom School. We will be varying and increasing the number of these meditations. Click here for a meditation ‘for the present time’ that you may like to do, off the printed page.

Maybe one of the things we risk missing under the current constraints is the sense that the White Eagle meditation is a group activity. I have been brought up to understand that meditating in a group holds a power that affects everyone: that we are helped by each other’s meditating alongside us. What I’d like to share, though, is that we have the opportunity to enhance rather than lose that sense of meditating together, and of its power. The Lodge has many times promoted a mass attunement to send out the light when there is a particular need.

However, what I’d like to suggest is that our regular attunements, at noon and at 9 pm, are wonderful opportunities to meditate together and to feel the power that each of us brings. 12 noon, to me, is a time for healing – of individuals, of communities, and even of the earth. 9 pm is a time really to come under the Star and feel our closeness to God and each other. Remember the words on our silver star card: ‘In the light of the Star I am aligned with the love of God and the will of God’. I’ve loved making a special time of that attunement these last days and weeks but, having found it particularly hard to bid au revoir to the White Eagle community in London, I’ve been adding ‘and with the love of all my earthly brethren’. It brings them very close.

I’d like to offer that attunement for everyone: visualisation of the Star, feeling its brightness and perfection, and then saying (maybe out loud, and three times if you like) those words, IN THE LIGHT OF THE STAR I AM ALIGNED WITH THE LOVE OF GOD AND THE WILL OF GOD … AND WITH THE LOVE OF ALL MY EARTHLY BRETHREN. Then you can go on with a meditation – in deep harmony with thousands of others. You can of course do this at any time of day if you prefer.

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Dear Friendsaquarius green
It may not surprise you to learn that astrologers are quite busy at present – mainly scratching their heads trying to answer questions about the coronavirus pandemic. While astrology cannot answer every question, knowledge of the astrology involved can shed some light on what is happening. (Jane Lewis’s journal pieces are following the course of this global crisis and an article I have written on the pandemic will appear in the June issue of Stella Polaris.)

Having said that, it is important to remember that the stars have not caused this situation. Rather, the stars reflect, they illustrate, and understood in this way can show us the opportunities that may be hidden within this worldwide experience. We cannot predict to any great extent how it will play out: as always, much depends not on what happens but on how we react to it. What we can say without any risk of being wrong is that it constitutes a very important step in the transition from the old Piscean age to the new Aquarian age. The pace of change taking place is extraordinary; we are having to adapt at considerable speed to new ways of living and doing things. What used to take years to happen seems to happen now in days, so that each day itself seems like a very long time. White Eagle said quite some time ago that the evolution of the world was speeding up; he was clearly right!

The astrology of what is happening is interesting in a specific respect with regard to the new age. The main significator of the pandemic and accompanying major change is a group of planets in Capricorn, as many of you will already know.

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A White Eagle thought for May

'You can help suffering humanity by developing within the love and compassion which the Master Jesus so clearly expressed. Go about your daily life full of compassion and sympathy and never turn away from suffering, but from the depths within give forth light. Endeavour to alleviate local suffering but remember that all the time, deeper than you can see, God is applying His/Her own healing balm. This is particularly applicable in the world today.'

White Eagle

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