Radiant Star with blur Blue 204 global pageLike many people, we are wishing for a New Year when we can come together again in communities, on retreats and in services. Until that time, we are continuing to offer online events including full moon services, peace services and retreat days, and our weekly newsletters to members.
Our healers, from their own homes, continue to send healing to those who have asked (see our healing pages if you would like this free service for yourself or a loved one), and we meet together inwardly at 3,6,9 and 12 to radiate the light of the Star to all those in need and our world.
From 4th January our offices at New Lands are open with a skeleton staff, with most staff working from home. We cannot answer the phone, but you can leave a message for us.
You can order books online from our shop - you just might need a little more patience with us and the postal service!
We wish you all a New Year of increasing freedom, connection physically and spiritually, and inner joy.

Cover 2021The natural world can be a place of immense comfort. Walking or just looking at nature we find tensions dissolve and we can retrurn to a feeling of equanimity.

Our White Eagle 2021 calendar is not only a celebration of the physical aspects of nature but of the spiritual qualities which, unperceived by many, allow us to return to ourselves, strengthened and nutured.

We recognise the brother/sisterhood of all life, and that our beautiful planet and many of its life forms are in need of help. So as well as the White Eagle sayings, each month we hold a different area of the natural world in the light of the Star.

The sayings for each week and month are accompanied by beautiful photos.

Versatile...spiral-bound and with a cardboard backing, the calendar can be hung up or stood on a surface.The calendar makes a lovely present for those who know nothing of the White Eagle teaching.

18 pp Spiral-bound
235mm x 170mm
£7.95 incl. p&p

Skydive5Jeremy says: 'A big thank you to everyone for your thoughts as I made my jump into three miles of empty space! And a special thank you to those who so generously sponsored me. I did the big leap finally on Friday 16th October in perfect weather and feeling strangely calm as I tumbled out of the aircraft with my instructor. The first 10,00ft are in free fall at 125mph – an unforgettable experience above the little puffy clouds in the morning sunlight. Then the parachute opens with a jerk and we glided slowly down the last 5,000 feet. And then back on terra firma feeling exultant to have ‘felt the fear and done it anyway’! I hope the pictures tell the story, and my face at the end says it all. Including Giftaid I will have raised over £8,000 towards the Ground Source Heat Pump for the new Temple. My love to everyone and I would do it all over again. Skydive3  

Now that the temple land is cleared we can see the exact spot (the imprint of the cross within the circle in the photo) where the central altar was placed in the temple and where it will be in our new temple...a symbol of continuity both physical and spiritual.

As well as this, we have preserved as many trees and shrubs as we could for replanting. The image shows a lovely winter-flowering cherry tree which is still where it was outside the temple, surrounded, as you will notice, by protective fencing.

We have also moved items to temporary homes in other areas of the estate, like the St Francis statue pictured here.

There are more images of early autumn at New Lands on the home page for you to enjoy.

The imprint of the central altar

White Eagle Thought for January

'Continually be receptive to the constructive forces and to the creative power of God. Daily endeavour to direct good thought, kind thought out into the world...and as you give out good thought, so you are attracting to yourself forces of good, light and spiritual life.'

White Eagle

Annual Review

As part of our policy of transparency as a public charity, we are pleased to share our Annual Highlights which provides an overview of the Lodge’s activities during the last financial year.

Read the Annual Review here.

We would really appreciate your feedback on the report. Once you have read it, please return to this page and fill out our feedback form. Thank you.

Twice Weekly Posts on Facebook!

You can keep a link with White Eagle’s teaching through on-line social media as well as through the printed word.

Our White Eagle Lodge UK Facebook family now numbers over 4,100, and a very worldwide family it is!

Over half those who follow the page are from outside the UK with countries as diverse as Nigeria, Egypt and Japan well represented.

butterfly and setting sun Jeremy

Because of its popularity we now post twice weekly. On Friday there is a thoughtful extended White Eagle quotation and many friends like to share this on their own Facebook page, so it is a lovely way to help spread White Eagle’s teaching and wisdom.

On Monday mornings we share an evocative reflection by one of the team at New Lands or in London (usually this is Jeremy Hayward) and this brings plentiful engagement from readers.Every post is accompanied by a photograph of the natural world at New Lands so we keep homely local colour as well as extending around the world!

If you are on Facebook and would like to join in, just click on the photograph.


White Eagle Temple Project

Temple from east

'Bricks of Light'
fundraising appeal

We are very excited to share the current design ideas for our new temple and to introduce the 'Bricks of Light' fundraising appeal which we trust will help bring this vision into being.

Find out more      

Donate to the 'Bricks of Light' appeal

New temple model

from above


Dec20-Jan21 Stella Polaris


In this issue, the White Eagle teaching on 'The Mystic Presence' and 'A Religion from the Past and for the Future'. Also, articles on 'Tears', 'One River, Many Wells' and 'The Star and the Stable', besides further teaching, articles, poems, meditations and Readers Letters.

If you do not already receive Stella Polaris, order your copy in good time. It contains a wealth of warm-hearted and inspirational features, which make the whole magazine feel as if White Eagle is speaking directly to you! It costs £3.00 per issue by post, or you can take out an annual subscription for £15. As a member you receive Stella Polaris free.

For further details and to order, please contact us at New Lands, Brewells Lane, Liss, Hants. GU33 7HY: enquiries@whiteagle.org or order through our website.


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As part of our policy of transparency as a public charity, we are pleased to share our Annual Highlights which provides an overview of the Lodge's activities last year. The full, audited accounts can be viewed on the Charity Commission website.

Annual Review

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