A time of change and new life -
as you look at these images
from New Lands,
imagine the birdsong!

House and azaleasVisit New Lands for a retreat or course in 2019 and you can be assured of a warm welcome, inspiring teaching, plenty of time for peace and reflection,
good vegetarian food, companionship with like-minded people, meditation, healing and an atmosphere in which you can reconnect with your intuition and deepen your awareness on all levels of life.

Our Retreats and Activities Brochure for 2019 is now available, and on the website you will find details of retreats along with the booking forms.

Give yourself a present of 'time out'. Come to New Lands to be nurtured in a happy family atmosphere, and relax in its peace and beauty with like minded companions.

'The Angelic Presence in our Lives' Friday evening March 22 to Tuesday 26 (after breakfast) led by Anna Hayward

'You are surrounded by angels. You may not be able to see them, but you may be able to feel them. They are with you, in the quiet of your own innermost being.'

Visit our retreats page for further details and booking form.

UranusAt an astrology talk in the London Lodge that had us all spellbound, Simon Bentley reminded us that this spring the Lodge will enjoy what is known as its Uranus return. That is, after 83 years this planet of the new age of Aquarius will at last find the same position in the heavens as it occupied on the day the Lodge was 'born', 22 February 1936. It opens up all sorts of intriguing thoughts about our future - there are important Pluto links coming up too - and a précis'd transcript is available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like one.

Simon's talk was the first stage in the London Lodge looking at themselves and deciding what they want to set themselves for the future in terms of vision and structure. The nePlutoxt stage is on 30 March, when there is a complete day event entitled 'A Plan for London'. We strongly hope that all committed to the future of the London Lodge will mark that day in their diaries and join the discussion.

Hoppys wood clearingSome much-needed clearing has been taking place at New Lands in 'Hoppy's Wood'. This is the little area of woodland at the back of the retreat house garden.

The rhododendrons have been pruned to stimulate flowering and amongst the stumps and by the paths snowdrops have been planted and eventually there will be a carpet of native bluebells as well.

Our enterprising gardener has found a novel use for an old, moss-covered tree stump!

Hoppys wood snowdrops

White Eagle Thought for February

'Do not try to be too precise in your comprehension of spiritual truth. You will never confine it in watertight compartments…There are so many beliefs, so many beautiful schools of learning, so many ways to the heart of truth. We have one—but it is not the only way. Follow the Light in your own heart, for it is a sure guide.'

White Eagle

Our Family on Facebook is Growing!

You can keep a link with White Eagle's teaching through on-line social media as well as through the printed word.


Our White Eagle Lodge UK Facebook family now numbers over 3500, and a very worldwide family it is!

Over half the Friends of the page are from outside the UK and countries as diverse as Egypt and Japan are well-represented.

We post a thoughtful White Eagle quotation approximately weekly and many Friends like to share this on their own Facebook page, so it is a lovely way to help spread White Eagle's message and wisdom.

Each quotation is accompanied by an evocative New Lands photograph so we balance the homely with the global!

To join in click on the image.


White Eagle Temple Project

NewtemplemeetingroomInitial design idea for a meeting room

On 7 February a number of our close neighbours and local representatives attended a public consultation meeting in Rake Village Hall. This was an opportunity to meet the architects and view the proposed designs ahead of our planning application being submitted. The atmosphere was very positive, with lots of interested questions and all in all, very supportive. There were questions regarding the potential impact of light spill and local "night skies" policies. Having carried out lighting assessments we are confident with careful design, including modern light fittings, the new temple complex and exterior lighting will have less impact on the night skies than at present. We intend holding further meetings for members and the public as the design develops.

If you would like to see the process so far and follow the progress click here.

Feb-March Stella Polaris

SP Feb19 cover

In this issue, the White Eagle teaching on 'People of the Sun' and 'Spiritual Science'. Also, articles on St Patrick, Sacred Geometry in the New Temple and Brotherhood in Action, and further teaching, articles, poems, meditations and Readers Letters.

If you do not already receive Stella Polaris, order your copy in good time. It contains a wealth of warm-hearted and inspirational features, which make the whole magazine feel as if White Eagle is speaking directly to you! It costs £3.00 per issue by post, or you can take out an annual subscription for £15. As a member you receive Stella Polaris free.

For further details and to order, please contact us at New Lands, Brewells Lane, Liss, Hants. GU33 7HY:
or order through our website.


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Accounts Summary

As part of our policy of transparency as a public charity, we are pleased to share on the website a Consolidated Accounts Summary for the year ended 31st March 2018 and our Annual Highlights.

Annual Highlights

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