From the White Eagle School of Astrologybanner2Simon Bentley writes: ‘As the world continues its Saturn-Pluto experience of profound transformation and change, here at New Lands, at the heart of the Lodge, we are undergoing our own Saturn-Pluto experience as part of the deep changes taking place in the world, in individual countries, in organizations such as ours and in individual lives. Nowhere is this more visible than on the site of the old Temple; by the time you read this, the main structure will have been taken down and its materials transformed in various ways for re-use either by us or elsewhere.

rootsWhile following the progress of the effects of Saturn-Pluto I have been interested to note how those effects are illustrated in the horoscopes of the individuals or groupings I’m studying. Of particular significance, not surprisingly, is where in a horoscope the exact conjunction has fallen. Needless to say I’ve been looking at the horoscope of the Temple for some time; in that chart, the conjunction fell right at the foot of the chart, at its very roots. Now here we are, not only taking down the Temple superstructure but now digging out the old foundations to make way for new and better ones!

Obviously a correspondence can be seen between what is happening to the physical building (demolition and reconstruction) and what is happening to the organization itself as well as to so many things and situations in the world around us. Many of us would not have believed, even as little as six months ago, that we would soon be entering upon a period within the work of no physical services or retreats, but realizing that we could do things in other ways by using the technologies now available. An online service can reach hundreds of people; an online ‘retreat’ day or course certainly more people than we can fit into New Lands house. Having looked back at how much has changed in the last few months, it will now be fascinating to see how the next few months work out. We know that sooner or later we shall have a new Temple; we might care to wonder what other new experiences may await us both in our spiritual work and our everyday existence…

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From Colum and the White Eagle School of Meditation

One of the joys of meditation, as it becomes more and more familiar to us, is the discovery of what Oneness really means. I think I can honestly say that one of the gifts of the Coronavirus time for me has been that I have almost been forced to embrace the Oneness – God if you prefer the word – as something which is all of me. That doesn’t mean it is not all of you, too, of course – but if the awareness is really of Oneness then it is just that, oneness, and there is no separation between me and you, no way in which God stands outside of our awareness. It drives away fear, and light and love become one thing. I know that even that little self is not separate from the whole: it is just that illusion makes it feel separate.

Read here an article from Anna about the stages of meditation, and on the home page you will find an audio meditation on the rose, which I hope will help you, too, gain that sense of Oneness which is so rich.


Inner Teachings 3 The Teachings Database grows and grows! For some time now it has included a set of all 285 Inner Teachings White Eagle gave for the benefit of members – initially every single week. More recently we have been adding, largely from the beginning and going forward chronologically, a complete set of the addresses White Eagle gave every Sunday. These now cover the years 1933-1947 (with a few to be added) and nearly 100 have so far been uploaded.

The teachings database is searchable, so it provides the most wonderful opportunity to read what White Eagle had to say about almost any issue – the only caveat being the need to remember to avoid the belief that White Eagle has ever given ‘hard and fast’ pronouncements on any matter, in order to give Spirit more opportunity to be heard in its subtlety.

Some time back we uploaded on this site the set of three articles on ‘Reading the White Eagle Teaching’ by Colum Hayward, and we have just added his extended Introductions to the Inner Teachings and Sunday Addresses.

Colum has been much involved with the database project, along with Anna and Simon – and they are all grateful for the help of Sara Cody, Kathy Parsons, Clair Waterman and her team of typists, Paul Brenig-Jones who has done all the uploading, and many more.

This project, as it unfolds, becomes more and more a true archive for everyone now, and most of all for future generations, of everything White Eagle has ever told us all through Minesta (Grace Cooke).

We are all young at heart and here is a song and a story for children about the rainbow...such a significant symbol for us at this time.

Story                    Song


A White Eagle thought for August

‘We try to express in language of earth a Love which is divine and beyond all expression through words. Open your hearts and listen to truth, which is a silent voice and can only be heard in the heart.’

White Eagle

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You can keep a link with White Eagle’s teaching through on-line social media as well as through the printed word.

Our White Eagle Lodge UK Facebook family now numbers over 4,100, and a very worldwide family it is!

Over half those who follow the page are from outside the UK with countries as diverse as Nigeria, Egypt and Japan well represented.

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Because of its popularity we now post twice weekly. On Friday there is a thoughtful extended White Eagle quotation and many friends like to share this on their own Facebook page, so it is a lovely way to help spread White Eagle’s teaching and wisdom.

On Monday mornings we share an evocative reflection by one of the team at New Lands or in London (usually this is Jeremy Hayward) and this brings plentiful engagement from readers.Every post is accompanied by a photograph of the natural world at New Lands so we keep homely local colour as well as extending around the world!

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White Eagle Temple Project

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'Bricks of Light'
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We are very excited to share the current design ideas for our new temple and to introduce the 'Bricks of Light' fundraising appeal which we trust will help bring this vision into being.

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New temple model

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June-July 20 Stella Polaris


In this issue, the White Eagle teaching on 'Fear' and 'Creation' and 'The Balance of Science and Spirit'. Also, articles on 'Initiation', 'Difficult Times' and the gold ray, besides further teaching, articles, poems, meditations and Readers Letters.

If you do not already receive Stella Polaris, order your copy in good time. It contains a wealth of warm-hearted and inspirational features, which make the whole magazine feel as if White Eagle is speaking directly to you! It costs £3.00 per issue by post, or you can take out an annual subscription for £15. As a member you receive Stella Polaris free.

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