Advent Spiraladventspiral2019

On Saturday 30th November the temple was full for our last Advent Spiral in the current building. The choir sang a continuous programme of Advent and Christmas songs as each candle was placed in a spiral on the floor. One participant said: 'It was a wonderful experience of pure light, and I felt that White Eagle and all those who had worked here before were saying 'Well done!' It felt like every heart was open, and at the end when everything was done it felt we were all one, and that to me is what heaven is. When the spiral was completely alight it was like the dress of the temple angel.'

And now we look forward to...

ChristmasOur Christmas Carol Service

on Sunday 15th December (at 3pm)

This will be the last public Sunday service in the current Temple. We will meet with full hearts and after refreshments following the service, there will be at 6pm, a short, but surely very moving and heartfelt, ceremony of thanksgiving for all that the current building has meant to so many thousands of people over the forty five and a half years of its existence. We warmly invite you to join us for this as well as for the Carol Service.

We come together giving thanks for all that our much loved building has meant to so many, and look forward to the future with confidence and joy.

There will be the usual Contact Healing Service at 2.30pm on Monday 16th December, (but not on Tuesday or Thursday of that week), but the Christmas Eve Silent Meditation (11.30pm – 12.30am) will take place as usual.