The work of the White Eagle Lodge is based on gentle, yet profound universal spiritual truths.
Through this teaching we are encouraged on a path of love, tolerance and service towards all life;
towards the development of inner peace, and the awareness of our eternal, spiritual nature.

Our Work

Using the loving wisdom of the White Eagle spiritual teachings, we offer:

Soul healing — a completely non-intrusive way of giving gentle support by thought projection and/or by therapeutic touch.

Meditation —a unique system of meditation which brings together the essence of mindfulness, stillness, and mantra, but employs the power of visualisation and the development of all the subtle senses.

Services of worship — a time for contemplation, music and communion both physically and with those in spirit.  

Retreats and courses on a variety of spiritual themes—safe exploration and contemplation within a caring environment.

Healing  The opportunity to be involved in healing for our planet and for animals with others or at home—there is something you can do now.

Books, courses and CDs A comprehensive range of literature in the form of books, courses and media—available from our Bookshop and covering a wide variety of themes in the ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ genre.

White Eagle Lodge Wisdom School As a Wisdom School for the New Age there are opportunities to explore:

We have many Star Centres and groups in the UK and throughout the world, and temples in the UK, Australia and America. The Lodge has been in existence since 1936.