The White Eagle Lodge Story

The White Eagle Lodge commenced its work in 1936 and became a charity within the UK in 1953.

White Eagle gave teaching until 1976 through the mediumship of Grace Cooke.

The brother/sisterhood for whom he speaks continue to inspire the present Lodge leaders and all those in positions of responsibility, especially the worldwide leader of the work, who is the Lodge ‘mother’. 

Although we have a Lodge ‘mother’ and leaders of groups and of the work in various countries throughout the world, the Lodge is a family organisation which values discussion and consensus.

The White Eagle teachings cannot be limited to one philosophy. They embrace many, just as White Eagle himself has had many lives in different cultures.Arthur Conan Doyle's Book of the Beyond

The White Eagle Lodge is symbolically a place of gathering together both physically and spiritually, which is what is meant by the use of the word ‘lodge’.

It is also a Mystery (or Wisdom) School for the New Age, with an emphasis on bringing the ‘infinite love of the spirit’ right down into physical matter through healing, unfoldment, meditation, brother/sisterhood and understanding.