White Eagle's Little Book of Starlight

The six-pointed Star with the triangles seamlessly joined is a symbol for spiritual light. This is the force that brought life into being.

This light is referred to by White Eagle as the ‘Christ’ Light. The word ‘Christ’ is used not in an orthodox Christian sense, but as a universal manifestation of the perfect man/woman.

Our understanding is that, as spiritual beings, the Christ light is within the heart chakra of everyone and is slowly, through many lifetimes, unveiled.

The power of the Christ Star sets up the highest vibration for good.

Accompanied by positive thought, its vibration can transcend boundaries and transform all negativity. It stimulates the light in the heart, bringing comfort and unlocking the creative, healing power within.

We can use visualisation of the Star to invoke the power of the light to heal our world.

Anyone can join in with this work.

You can download a free instruction leaflet

You can also listen to a short guided visualisation.

The Star is a symbol of perfect being, the inverted triangle representing the light which shines down to meet the threefold nature of every man and woman, which is aspiring to the highest.