Throughout the ages esoteric groups in all religions have studied sacred texts of the ‘Ancient Wisdom’, and followed disciplined paths of spiritual practice. This study involves heart understanding as well as mental knowledge.

White Eagle’s teaching often refers to ‘mystery schools’ and ‘inner teaching’.

From its foundation in 1936, the White Eagle Lodge has offered a spiritual path of unfoldment for the present age which could be likened to these past Mystery Schools.

Those who are interested can study the Inner Teachings through retreats, workshops and written courses. Through these they can also reconnect with what they already know inwardly from past life work.

White Eagle - Chakras, Auras, Subtle Bodies book coverAreas of the Wisdom School

Though these are areas of study in their own right, nevertheless they overlap in the wisdom and experience they offer.

Human Understanding

Underpinning all areas is are principles of human understanding:

Namely we seek to raise personal and emotional awareness within the Lodge, in harmony with the essence of White Eagle’s teaching. This vision is fundamentally based upon White Eagle’s teaching about the nature of ‘love’, but particularly relates to the words written over the Temple of the ancient mystery schools—‘Man/woman, know thyself, and thou shalt know God and the universe.

It is our intention that the fruits of this work also enhance the quality of the service the Lodge and its members give to others in the wider community.

Facilitating in the Wisdom School

Facilitator Workshops are run on a regular basis to enhance skills in facilitating in the Wisdom School, and to encourage consistency and good practice.