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Many are surprised to learn that astrology – real astrology, that is, not the Sun-sign material that appears in the popular press – has a significant place in the work and teachings of the White Eagle Lodge. Joan Hodgson, founder Grace Cooke’s elder daughter, began this side of the work, having noticed that some of White Eagle’s teachings contained astrological references. She followed these up and started to write about the zodiac in the then Lodge magazine Angelus. Later her articles on the zodiac became the basis of her book Wisdom in the Stars and she also began not only to do horoscopes for individuals but also to teach, writing the first beginners’ correspondence course in 1941.

Astrology from a Spiritual ViewpointHomes in the Heavens

The White Eagle School of Astrology (almost uniquely among those in the UK) treats astrology from a spiritual viewpoint. The history of astrology implies that although it should not be
regarded in any way as a ‘religion’,  as has sometimes been suggested, it was almost always used to serve a spiritual philosophy, although the nature ofthat philosophy varied according to the times and to geography. Correctly used, astrology sheds light on the spiritual path that each one of us treads both individually and collectively, enhancing our understanding of life and the ‘divine plan’ behind it.

The School both teaches astrology and provides astrological services to the public such as written readings of horoscopes and face-to-face astrological consultations.

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Astrology Retreat 2019

Saturday June 22 (evening) to Wednesday June 26 (after breakfast).
The theme of this retreat will be astrology as a tool for healing, not in the sense of medical astrology but in the sense that astrological knowledge can in itself encourage healing through the understanding that it brings. Please note that as this is a retreat, not a workshop or course, it is intended to be a fully residential event (as are all White Eagle retreats).
Cost: £340.

On Sunday 23 there will also be the Earth Healing service and day which is open to all. (See calendar).

Annual Gathering Spiritual science

Friday June 28 to Sunday June 30 (residents arrive on Thursday evening and may stay until Monday morning)
This year’s astrological get-together is entitled ‘Wheels within Wheels’ and will be on the theme of the two zodiacs, tropical and sidereal. Since each one works for those who use them, what can we deduce as to their different significance and purpose? We shan’t be seeking to overturn the well-recognized value of the tropical zodiac we use in our work, but attempting to understand at what level(s) each zodiac works and how that might help us to increase our astrological understanding. As always, the gathering is open to all; however, a basic knowledge of astrology will be assumed.
Cost: £60 per day full board, £45 B&B and £8 per meal.

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Astrology Events around the Regions

'Looking Forward—London and the World'

February 9, 2.00 pm for 2.30 pm to 5 pm (follows our Peace Service, which is at 12.45). A half-day event in which Simon Bentley follows on from his 2018 talk about horoscopes of the Lodge – which are effectively London Lodge horoscopes too – to consider our specific work in the future and how it relates to Britain, Europe and the world. This event serves as preparation for the day at the end of March.

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'A Spiritual Look at a Challenging World', East Anglia Star Centre

Sunday May 19 A retreat day with Simon Bentley. How can we cope more maturely and effectively with the restless and uncertain world we now seem to inhabit? This retreat day aims to address that challenge and is open to all, whether or not they are familiar with White Eagle’s teaching.

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Astrology Day, South East Star Centre

Saturday March 30,11.00 am to 4.30pm, with Simon Bentley and Carole Wood. Come and find out all you wanted to know about astrology but were afraid to ask… Plus, experience the living horoscope of Britain, where you can play the role of the Sun or one of the planets, or just observe! Open to all.

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'The Soul of Britain', South West Star Centre

Sunday May 5 An astrological retreat day with Simon Bentley. How does the current global situation affect the soul of Britain? Are we seeing a once mighty and proud nation starting to experience humility? If, as our prayer for humanity seeks, the Rose of divine love is to bloom in Britain and bring healing to the world, what are we learning from present experiences to help forward that goal? Open to all; suitable for those who know nothing about astrology as well as those who do! 10.00am to 4.00pm at Monkton Heathfield, Taunton.

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