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Many are surprised to learn that astrology – real astrology, that is, not the Sun-sign material that appears in the popular press – has a significant place in the work and teachings of the White Eagle Lodge. Joan Hodgson, founder Grace Cooke’s elder daughter, began this side of the work, having noticed that some of White Eagle’s teachings contained astrological references. She followed these up and started to write about the zodiac in the then Lodge magazine Angelus. Later her articles on the zodiac became the basis of her book Wisdom in the Stars and she also began not only to do horoscopes for individuals but also to teach, writing the first beginners’ correspondence course in 1941.

Astrology from a Spiritual ViewpointHomes in the Heavens

The White Eagle School of Astrology (almost uniquely among those in the UK) treats astrology from a spiritual viewpoint. The history of astrology implies that although it should not be
regarded in any way as a ‘religion’,  as has sometimes been suggested, it was almost always used to serve a spiritual philosophy, although the nature ofthat philosophy varied according to the times and to geography. Correctly used, astrology sheds light on the spiritual path that each one of us treads both individually and collectively, enhancing our understanding of life and the ‘divine plan’ behind it.

The School both teaches astrology and provides astrological services to the public such as written readings of horoscopes and face-to-face astrological consultations.

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'Interplanetary Relations' White Eagle School of Astrology Annual Gathering

Sunday 8 July to Wednesday 11 (residents arrive on Saturday evening and may stay until Thursday morning)

This year’s astrological get-together is entitled ‘Interplanetary Relations’ and will involve looking at the various ways in which planets connect, interact and cooperate with each other, and the effects of this in personal, group and national/international life. As always, the gathering is open to all; however, a basic knowledge of astrology will be assumed.

Costs: Astrology workshop and gathering £180. Full board per day £60.
B&B per day £45. Additional meals each £8.

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'The White Eagle Lodge, a History in the Stars' afternoon talk

Sunday February 11 Service 11.15am. Talk at 1.30pm.

At 1.30pm Simon Bentley will look at the history of the Lodge as illustrated by the astrological charts for some of the most important moments in that history and looking forward to consider where the current ‘celestial conditions’ might lead.

Despite this being an astrological talk it will be aimed at those with any level of astrological knowledge, including none! You are welcome to all or part of the day.

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What is Our Wisdom School?

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