The White Eagle teachings contain many references to different aspects of what can be termed ‘Spiritual Science’. In our Absent Healing work for example, we say we are ‘putting into operation a law of healing, precise, definite, certain and scientific’. There are many references also to God as ‘the great mathematician’ and ‘the great architect of the universe’, and to the fact that all life is governed by scientific law. White Eagle teaches that the beauties of our universe and the world of nature have not happened in a random way.

In Spiritual Science people who are interested can study different areas of this subject in a structured way.

White Eagle - Chakras, Auras, Subtle Bodies book coverAt our main UK centres and in Australia retreats are offered on: 

  • Sacred Geometry
  • Platonic Solids
  • The life and work of the Master Pythagoras (Covered as well in the Creative Arts)
  • The Chakra System and Subtle Energies
  • The Seven Rays

Further courses are planned on:

  • Numerology
  • The use of perfume and essences  (Already covered to a degree in the Creative Arts)
  • Harmony and mathematics. (Already covered to a degree in the Creative Arts) Music has always formed an essential part of the work of the White Eagle Lodge, both choral and instrumental.