Study of the White Eagle Teachings

If you are interested, you can study the Wisdom School Teachings of White Eagle through retreats, workshops and courses. The teaching follows the school of thought that we can be reminded of what we already know (but may have temporarily forgotten) as spiritual beings. Putting that knowledge into practice is the challenge of all our lives on Earth, but we can be helped to do this. White Eagle tells us also: 'Accept nothing that we say unless the light within guides you to do so...learn from your intuition.'

The calendar displays Wisdom School events and workshops which are happening around the country to which everyone is welcome.

If you are interested in any aspect of our Wisdom School or would like to suggest an event or workshop topic, do let us know through this This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Retreats at New Lands 2020

'Exploring the Soul's Harvest'

Saturday 26 September to Thursday 1 October led by Anna Hayward.

Through meditation, reflection and discussion of the White Eagle teaching we will explore the nature of the physical in relation to the soul's path in our lifetimes. In the teaching we find reference to the akashic records, dreams, reincarnation, the purpose of the spiral of life and the nature of truth; understanding more about the profundity of our existence. Cost: £425.

(This retreat coincides with the Peace Day and Harvest Festival Service to which all are welcome)

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